Alexander Gard-Murray

Spring 2019

Gov 94CP: Political Economy of the Environment

This course will apply the tools of political economy to the study of environmental policymaking, both in the United States and around the world. How are different interests represented in the creation and implementation of environmental policy? What makes some countries more active on environmental issues? When do businesses choose to support environmental action? Why do some kinds of environmental problems seem easier to solve than others? We will study these questions with a range of contemporary and historical case studies, drawing on both the academic literature and accounts from activists, lobbyists, and policymakers.

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Fall 2018

Gov 94GM: Politics of Climate Change

This course will explore the political problems involved in mitigating and adapting to global climate change. We will draw on both the empirical and normative political literatures, as well as climate science and economics, to approach key questions about climate politics. What do we owe to the future and to people elsewhere? What are the costs of different policy options, and how should they be distributed? How have different governments responded, and what factors shape their responses? What role do international treaties, social movements, and public opinion play? And what can or should be done to change our current trajectory?

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Gov 99: Senior Thesis Writers' Seminar

This course has four primary aims. First, and most importantly, through a series of deadlines the course aims to provide with you with a structure that will encourage early and frequent production of written material. Second, by introducing and reviewing central research design strategies, the course will better familiarize you with social science research methods. Third, the course provides you an opportunity to receive written and oral feedback on your work from your peers and seminar leader. Fourth, the seminar provides peer and departmental support as you navigate the personal ups-and-downs of the thesis writing process.

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